Katherine Everhart is from Cartersville, GA. She completed her undergraduate in kinesiology at the University of North Georgia and her masters in kinesiology at Georgia College and State University. She was initially interested in exercise physiology during her undergraduate degree but became more interested in biomechanics during her master’s degree. She became interested in working in Dr. Oliver’s lab because of her interest in strength training and injury prevention in overhead athletes. She is currently working on a project looking at if more knee excursion during SLS can relate to upper extremity pain in collegiate softball players. 


Kyle Wasserberger is a fourth-year doctoral student who is originally from Spring Lake, Michigan. He finished his undergraduate studies at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan before completing his Master of Science at Auburn University. Kyle chose to study in the Sports Movement and Medicine Lab because of its reputation for high-quality baseball and softball research. He is currently pursing projects related to the energetics of baseball and softball pitching and using inter-segmental energy transfer to quantify pitching efficiency. His other research interests center around improving research methodology, data visualization, and statistical rigor in sports medicine and biomechanics research.



Peyton Gober is a senior from Hoover, Alabama majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Psychology. This will be my fourth semester as a part of the Sports Med & Movement Lab, and I am currently working as an Undergraduate Research Fellow on my project concerning Risk Factors for Upper Extremity Pain in Softball Pitchers. 



Anthony Fava is in his second year of the PhD program. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Alabama in Exercise Science. After graduation he became a certified strength and conditioning specialist and spent a year as a strength and conditioning intern at Stony Brook University. He returned to UA to earn a master’s degree in Human Performance. While completing his master’s, he spent three years as a strength and conditioning staff-intern at UA and performed research; including, a thesis titled, “The acute effects of exercise between sets on upper-body power.” Anthony was drawn to the Sports Medicine and Movement Laboratory to study the mechanical analysis of movement and to understand the parameters of movement quality in sports performance. His initial research interest is the role program design has on kinematics to improve mechanics and develop exercise programs that minimize injury. The Sports Medicine and Movement Laboratory’s role in the community and its involvement with youth and collegiate athletes gives him the opportunity to work with these populations in athletics to promote best practices.  



Nicole Bordelon is a third year PhD student from Rancho Cucamonga, California. She received her Bachelor’s in Science from California State University of San Bernardino and Master’s in Science from the University of Wyoming.Her research interests include performance enhancement and injury prevention in softball athletes. She has most recently focused on examining energy flow during softball pitching and hitting. After completing her PhD, Nicole will be applying to Physician Associate school. She aspires to be a sports medicine clinician and researcher specializing in upper extremity injury prevention. Nicole’s biggest supporter and best friend throughout her journey is her loving husband, Wes Bordelon. 



Molly Cassidy is a first year masters student studying exercise science with a concentration in biomechanics. She completed her undergraduate degree at Auburn University in biomedical sciences. She has been working in the lab for 2 years and was an undergraduate research fellow. She is working on a project with Kate looking at knee excursion in SLS related to upper extremity pain and studying EMG data on various muscles in relation to internal and external shoulder rotation and cervical spine range of motion. Upon completion of her Master’s degree, she hopes to attend physical therapy school.